Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hey, Blog. Sorry I haven't been taking good care of you lately, but I promise it'll work out this time. I even have a post prepared and everyth--

Erm. Anyway, I'm back, bitches. With pictures this time. Okay that's a lie; I didn't have my camera with me. I drew this instead!

1. I finished seasons one and two of 30 Rock. Those DVDs were pretty much like crack. Note my rendering of my two favorite characters, Pete Hornberger (he plays the producer of the show on the show) and Liz Lemon (main character, writer of the show on the show). It almost scares me how similar I am to Liz. There's an episode where she talks about "Lizzing," which basically means "laughing so hard so pee a little in your pants." Which I have done. She also takes 2 minute dance breaks (which I do, only more frequently than her) and uses the word "poo" (I generally add a "p" to the end of that, though) at an abnormally high frequency. Freaky. Then again, maybe the average female is a lot weirder than I originally thought. "Blerg." (Okay seriously, if you haven't seen the show, go to Hulu right now.)

2. I tried to heat up some ready-made lasagna in the oven but forgot to check on it. Luckily, only the surface looked like shit. I am a good cook, really, but yesterday was kind of a blow to my self-esteem.

3. Speaking of blows to self-esteem, I finally tried slack-lining yesterday. Slack-lining is basically tying an elastic rope to two trees a couple feet off the ground and then walking on it. I make it sound a little lamer than it really is. Matt and Nudie got mad at me earlier in the year for making a snarky comment about it, so it was only fair to give it a try when Matt whipped out the gear yesterday afternoon. I got on the rope, held onto my friend, Laura (along with a tree), and... yep. That's about it. My lack of ability to re-adjust my center of gravity coupled with my laughter prevented me from making any progress toward the other end. It was exciting.

Cheap thrills, cheap thrills.


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