Thursday, August 06, 2009

(This is what I wrote and then performed at the school Poetry Slam this year.)

I've something to say
and I have a confession -
I...I love haikus.

Lately, it's been worse.
I find myself thinking things
In five, seven, five -

"High school is a bunch
of bureaucratic hoops that
we have to jump through”

(Do you think it counts
If I use enjambments? Well -
I don't care. Psh. Please.)

But I really think
That haikus are useful things –
Trust me on this one.

I propose a plan
To save time, sanity –
High school. In haikus.

The latest gossip
In seventeen syllables –
Would you believe that?!

The Scarlet Letter
Hester and Pastor have sex.
Bastard child is born.

Or, Heart of Darkness:
Life sucks if you get greedy,
More in the Congo.

All that reading time
Distilled down to 3 small lines –
I’d have all that time!

Time I could have spent –
As if I don’t have enough –
Writing more haikus!

Home ec? That works, too.
Ingredients in pot.
Add water, don’t burn.

Or, art history –
Van Gogh cut off his ear lobe.
They were all on crack.

Viral videos –
Even those could be reduced
To 3 small lines.

"Can I have it, gurl?
Yvonne, that's a French-ass name.
My little croissant."

Or, “Seh-cur-ah-tay!
I got a complicated
Order!” (Bon Qui Qui).

I know you're thinking,
"Did she just really go there?"
And yeah, I just did.

So, I love haikus.
But am I obsessed with them?
Well...that's a strong word.


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